Hand to Hand
Hand to Hand Story

The Hand to Hand Story

J & F is a creative collaboration between Artist Jeffrey Gold and ex Model/Designer/Artist Ann-Sofie Lakso, A.K.A. Fred. Their partnership was initiated in 1989. Jeffrey and Ann-Sofie/Fred's visual oeuvre have been honed by their global sensitivity and distinct influences within art and cultural hubs throughout the world. Their designs are a reflection of their personalities, values and traditions. The jewelry is imbued with their very own souls.

The Peace Sign

A symbol for peace and truth. Came about in 1941 by a Belgian refugee named Victor de Lavalenge to urge all men to rise up for peace and truth. He was said to have chosen V as a rallying emblem because it was the first letter of the word Victoire in French. This has become one of the most recognized hand signs of modern history.

The Guru

The Pointer Finger symbolizes Jupiter. It represents the mind - the power of thought. Having the ability to reflect and inspire, helping us draw on our innermost being, intuition and receive inspiration. It represents our self worth and our will. This aspect that resides within each of us, the inner Guru, points us towards our most favorable direction in life.

The Finger

Astronomer Galileo's perserved middle finger can be seen today in Italy's Museo di Storia del Scienza. His appendage was plucked from his dead body by a souvenir-seeking Anton Francesco Gori in 1737. Isn't it fitting that Galileo is still giving "the finger" to all those who doubted his proofs of Copernicus' theory that the sun was the center of the galaxy?

The Crossed Fingers

In 16th century England, people crossed fingers or made the sign of the cross in order to ward off evil.
It was a symbol used to implore Gods protection. At other times hope for good fortune and good luck.


I respect the divinity within you that is also within me. This gesture represents the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul of another.

Chakra Beads

From the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel", Chakra is believed to be the life force energy center of the body. There are seven primary Chakra centers that each Chakra is connected to our being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.