Hand to Hand: Chakra Beads
Chakra Beads

Chakra Beads

From the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel", Chakra is believed to be the life force energy center of the body. There are seven primary Chakra centers that each Chakra is connected to our being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

First Chakra

This chakra represents our physical body. It is also where we connect with our physical body. It's our energy foundation. This is the root of our existence. The seed. Through this chakra you are guided on your journey through life. When in balance; it gives us a feeling of security and a solid foundation within ourselves.

Second Chakra

This chakra represents our emotional body. It is also called "The sacred home of the self". It holds the energy of procreation, creativity, morality, sex and control. Thus is also where your unconscious desires dwell. Your dreams, fantasies, and emotions are governed by this chakra as well. It gives you a sense of freedom and being open to change. It allows flexibility and flow in your life.

Third Chakra

This chakra represents our intellectual body. Manipura Chakra means "City of shining jewels". This is where you find your strongest sense of self. Personal boundaries are set here. This is the chakra of self esteem and will power. Your personal growth and change stem from this chakra. Key to your transformation.

Fourth Chakra

This chakra is linked to both physical and spiritual aspects. It can take energies from both upper and lower chakras. Thus will help you transform them into energy that forms your ideas, dreams and thoughts. You use this chakra to touch others with love and compassion. In Sanskrit it means "The Unstuck".

Fifth Chakra

This chakra oversees the ability to make responsible decisions and speak up for yourself. It is also your spiritual voice. In Sanskrit it means "1be pure place". Creative ideas manifest in your life once they a.re ex'Pressed through speech.

Sixth Chakra

Your conscious and subconscious mind is governed here. Your inner wisdom is housed here. It allows you to see beyond your physical existence.

Seventh Chakra

This chakra is considered, "the doorway". The pathway to your higher consciousness. It may take us beyond the physical worldly things and lead us toward the divine universal energy.